I have witnessed the suffering of animals first hand.  Around the world, a billion unwanted puppies are born each year and the conditions in which they survive are appalling.  If the thought of 4-5 million dogs and cats being killed in US shelters every year isn’t disturbing enough, consider the mass “culling” of stray dogs in other parts of the world where killings by clubbing, glass laced food, shooting, poison, and worse are routine.  Stray dogs are killed cruelly and their deaths are anything but quick.

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You, founded by Alex Pacheco, is a non-profit organization committed to ending the widespread suffering and death within the stray dog and cat populations around the world.  I support 600 Million Dogs’ mission of developing permanent birth-control dog and cat food formulas.

I encourage my family, friends and colleagues to check out 600MillionDogs.org‘s website and learn about the work being done to end the continuous cycle of stray, unwanted puppies born each year.  Please, support 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You so that the suffering and brutal killings can end.  Thank you.


P.S.  Be sure to check out 600 Million Dogs’ Facebook Page!  https://www.facebook.com/600MillionDogs


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